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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anniversaries Abound

This is a big week for me. The babies turned three on the 10th.

These days, when they're not playing games like "chef"

they're "helping" me clean or do laundry.

And they can often be found perfecting their photography skills by capturing, minute by minute, our captivating home life. Hah.

Photo by Dulce
It's hard to believe that these little cherubs have grown up so much already.

Yesterday was another anniversary. My husband's and mine.  Looking at old videos of the babies last night, I was reminded of how far we've come, how comfortable and lucky we are, and how much in love I am. I couldn't have dreamed up a better life.

And for an entirely different sort of anniversary...the blog turned a year old yesterday. What started out as an angry rant turned into a fun and rewarding project that's kept me busy all year long.  Thank you all for helping and reading.

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