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GoldieBlox and the Beastie Boys. What a freaking mess. Right in the heart of the intersectionality between feminism and parenting. Add in copyright legalities. Add in free speech. Add in artistic expression. Add in the free market.

Really, what a mess.

So where do I start?



Government shutdown? You can blame Obama. Sure. Many people do. There's a whole meme about it that I see daily. Thanks, Obama.

You can blame the Affordable Care Act. That nasty bill that provides women and children with the healthcare they need and deserve as a human right.

But the law isn't going away. Not even if every last tea-party Republican stomps around, throws shit, then holds his or her breath until they turn blue and pass out. Because that's what they're doing.



Recently, Texas has done some unbelievable things--changed the space-time continuummade rape kits into abortionsgot out of voting fraud (but wasn't so lenient on these poor senior citizens), and managed to turn tampons into feces and urine...all before stripping the state of the majority of their abortion clinics, prompting the lovely Erick Erickson to encourage ladies to use coat hangers instead.

And with all this hullabaloo surrounding SB5 and then SB1,  people continually seem surprised that these over-the-top political maneuvers and backward logical stretches could happen in real life. To which we have to say, well, guys, it's Texas.

Let's not forget all of the other completely sane and rational moves the state has made. READ MORE


Senator Wendy Davis staged a nearly 11-hour filibuster, was called to end it for illegitimate reasons, other senators stepped in, the crowd went wild and SB5 (a bill that would amount to getting rid of almost all abortion clinics in Texas) was shot down. But not without some official document doctoring, arrests and other shady moves by Republicans. Wow, what a ride.

Jackie at Accidentally Mommy gives a great overview of it here: Wendy Davis, Woman Warrior.

"Pink sneakers. While that is not the most memorable part of the 11 hour ordeal, Senator Davis' pink sneakers stand out. She wore them in preparation for a 13 hour ordeal, in an attempt to stay comfortable during the filibuster where she would not be allowed food or drink, to lean, to sit, or to ask for help in any way."

And I wonder...Where the hell was the news? CNN was talking about muffins instead. I swear.

"Journalism, they say, is dead. But Twitter didn't kill it. Bloggers didn't kill it. The Internet didn't kill it. You killed it. By paying your employees literally nothing, by promoting people who don't know what news is but do know how to say "yes, sir," and "you're great, sir."

But, hey, everyone loves a muffin debate, am I right? So get on with your bad self, CNN. You eat that 350-calorie muffin and call it a day. Because it appears you've had yours."

After the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch came out with his less-than-savory remarks about their advertising techniques and sizings, there have been a multitude of intelligent, well-thought-out blog posts and articles address the situation.

Two of our bloggers have taken on completely different areas of the issue, and what they've come up with is pure gold.

First Elizabeth Hawksworth writes "Dear Mike Jeffries, The "Abercrombie Kids I Knew Wouldn't Call You Cool" 

Meanwhile, Monika from talks about the campaign to give your Abercrombie wear to those in need in her piece, Giving Abercrombie and Fitch Clothes to the Homeless Is Not Inspiring; It's Insulting.


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