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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Resolutions -- 2022

My resolutions for 2022:

10) Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. 

Increasing this from last year, from 6 glasses to 8. I think I'm ready.

9) Exercise consistently 5 times a week.

I don't know if I can keep this up. We'll see.

8) Keep my nails nice.

Now that they've been not bitten for six months, let's see if I can keep them that way.

7) Get good at this job.

Now that I've got a job, I want to really improve. I've only been there a couple months, but there is so much I don't know.

6) Fix three things about the house

I'll keep this one.

5) Make $100,000.

I'll keep this one, too. Just to see if I can do it with my job and my side gigs (which will have to pay me almost as much as my job to pull this off.)

4) Work on my freelancing book

Now that I'm not teaching the course this would be based on, it's time to put it to paper. Especially before I get too far away from the freelance life.

3) Read 10 books

Dropping this WAY down. I think the only way I'll be able to do it is if I put read a chapter on my to-do list a couple times a week.

2) Get this house clean

I don't know how I will do this, and I don't care. Through hired help, or weekend work, or having my kids actually do chores, but this house is far too messy and it's getting worse and worse now that I'm not home as much.

1) Fix all landscaping and back deck.

Overgrown, mulch doesn't stay down, weedy, too close to the house, and I haven't even TOUCHED the back, which is just barely hanging on.

For my kids and I, I resolve the following:

5) Help them navigate tween-teen years, be someone they can trust and love.

Keeping it

4) Get their rooms cleaned and organized so they can decorate the way they like

3) Save $10,000 more each for them.


2) Have one conversation with that that lasts 10 minutes or more a day. (Dinner doesn't count.)

1) Teach them to cook

We used to do a thing during home school where one would help me with a dinner every night, switching. I'll dial this down a little because I like to listen to podcasts, but once a week for each one should do it.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Resolutions check-in

Every year, I make resolutions, and every year, before I do, I check in on last years. 2020 was a bust, but I tried to do a little better this year.

10) Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. 

Done. I drink 6-10 glasses a day now. (And I'm still dehydrated, lol, what?) 1

9) Exercise consistently 5 times a week.

Done. Just barely, but done. Not sure I can keep that up in 2022 tho. 1

8) Stop biting my nails.

Done. Again, not sure if it will last, but I have had nails since August, so not a bad run so far. 1

7) Do some kind of yoga, meditation, self-care three times a week.

Nope. I tried, and did pretty well for the first month or so, but, yet again, just did not have the time. 0

6) Fix three things about the house

I think I'll count this. I fixed the front arches, front wall, and side rotting windowsills. 1

5) Make $100,000 and/or get a full-time position somewhere.

I did both! This year, with teaching, many freelance contracts and clients, some traditional freelancing, and a full time job starting in November, I made $102,698. Of course, I have to take taxes out of a lot of it, but it still counts!

And I'm now the Creative Services Director for our local CBS/NBC affiliate. So, I'm counting it twice. 2

4) Publish 50 pieces

I just made this if you count all the client work I did. Like just made it to 50 exactly. 1

3) Read 50 books

HAHAHA. I read 3. And I started Catch 22. 0

2) Watch less TV

I will give myself half a point because I started watching less TV when I started having to be at an office all day every day. .5

1) Start a new creative endeavor and get it off the ground

NOPE. Not enough time. 0

I'm pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish this year.


For my kids and I, I resolve the following:

5) Help them navigate tween-teen years, be someone they can trust and love.

This has been so hard, but, really and honestly, through a lot of patience, and taking a lot of negativity in and neutralizing it, I really think I have done this. 1

4) Integrate them into my life more now that we're all home

I also did this, up to a point. Then they went back to school and I went to work, so it's not as frequent, but it's not nothing. .5

3) Save $10,000 more each for them.

Done. 1

2) Do something with them every day.

Not every day. That was too much. I'll amend this one for next year so it is doable. 0

1) Have them help me with one unpleasant thing a day. (Like chores or projects)

Again, not every day, and this one much less than the one before. I don't like having them do unpleasant things because of how unpleasant it is for me. 0



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