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On Overweight Nannies, by Elizabeth Hawksworth

eNannySource: Why do you think some nannies struggle with being overweight?

Elizabeth: I believe that many nannies are overweight because there’s a fair amount of people who are overweight in this world. There are studies to show that the food we eat and the lives we lead contribute to obesity, but there are also studies that show that many people are overweight because of genetics and pre-existing conditions.


How to Write with Children Underfoot, by Elizabeth Hawksworth

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and Glo-Worm has finally gone down for her nap after an hour of her screaming and me rocking her, trying to get her calm enough to relax and go to sleep. Why is it that babies always fight sleep, especially when you have a deadline? I slide my laptop closer to me on the oaken tabletop and pray that the squeak of the antique dining room chair can’t be heard a flight above in a certain baby’s room, or that the sound of the keys isn’t as deafening as it seems to me. And I write, losing myself in the moment . . . until fifteen minutes later, I hear the unwelcome sound of a baby’s cry.

Why, why, why?

I’m a writer, but I’m also a nanny, and this is simply a snapshot of a day in my life when I’m working fulltime with children. It’s the best job in the world, and it’s also the worst job in the world, some days, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

How to Deal with an Out-of-Control Child, by Elizabeth Hawksworth

It really is one of my worst nightmares – dealing with a child who is 100% completely out of control. Oh, tantrums are par for the course with nannying, but when the child has completely lost it? It can be daunting.

For one, there’s so much emotion in that one little body. It’s hard to watch and it’s hard to deal with, because as a nanny, I’m in this because I love kids. Seeing a kid that upset is really upsetting to me, too. I feel the utter desperation and frustration, and sometimes, I’m at a momentary loss as to how to help. How do you rein in emotion that strong?

How Nannies know they're loved...a contributor post by Elizabeth Hawksworth, writer:

1. They want to be near me all the time: most children I know show their love in touch – they want to hug or kiss you, hold your hand, sit on your lap, or even just be pressed up close against me. I had a little boy who wanted to just always hold onto my skirt or the pocket of my jeans. Now, 19-month Diva and Footballer are two of my charges who show their love in touch – Footballer especially. He needs to be on my lap, his strong arms around my neck, and burying his face in my hair, or giving me open-mouthed kisses (we still haven’t managed to teach him that this is inappropriate, haha!). Diva is just happy to be sitting on my hip while I prepare bottles or food for the kids. It’s nice to have them close, even if I am someone who gets touched out a lot – it shows that they’re comfortable with me and want me around.


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