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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Resolution Check-in - 2023

Every year I do 10 resolutions for myself and 5 for my kids, and then don't look at them until the next year when I see if I actually did any of these things. Here's what I wanted to do in 2023. And what I actually did.

10) Get my hydration levels to over 50 percent.

0. I stuck at 48 percent at the highest

9) Exercise consistently 4 times a week.

1. Done.

8) Keep my nails nice.

1. Done

7) See two friends a month, and do two family activities a month.

.5 we did two family activities a month, but I don't think I saw two friends a month in a concentrated way.

6) Fix three things about the house

0. I looked into fixing the doors, too expensive. I looked into fixing the windows. I cannot. They don't sell window panes separately, and the whole windows would need double panes to keep up with new regulations. I set up to redo the girls bathroom, but that will happen in January. I DID get a landscaper to fix up the yard. Looks good.

5) Make $120,000.

0. I made $25,000 LESS than I made last year. A high-paying freelance client fell off. But working two full time jobs and two part time jobs plus doing all the family stuff still exhausted me.

4) Achieve something notable at work.

1. Huh. I forgot about this one. I got one of my staff a promotion and a fairly hefty raise to go with the title. (Still garbage, but that's corporate America for you).

3) Read 12 books

1. Okay, so technically I finished 11 books, but I'm halfway through two more, so I'm counting this. 12 books is a LOT for me.

2) Get this house clean

0. Nope.

1) Fix all landscaping and back deck.

.5 I did the landscaping, not the deck.

TOTAL: 5/10

For my kids and I, I resolve the following:

5) Help them navigate tween-teen years, be someone they can trust and love.

1. Doing the best I can. I think they know they can trust me.

4) Get them involved in more household duties.

0. They are still doing the same household chores, but at least they are doing that.

3) Save $10,000 more each for them.

1. Done.

2) Pay full attention to them when they ask me for something, but don't make them think the sun and moon both revolve around them.

.5 I have done a pretty good job with this.

1) Help them get involved in sports, extracurricular activities or something else they like and can consistently contribute to.

1. Dulce is in the school play, and Natalina is regularly going to the gym.



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