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Thursday, March 31, 2016

6 Tips For Parents Who Hate to See Their Kids Sick -- Guest Post

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Having a sick kid in the house is no fun. It’s even more challenging when the sick child is not yet old enough to talk.

I’m an Aunt of over a dozen kids from teenagers to toddlers and a Mother of one adorable princess. I have my own ways to make kids feel a little better, and take care of myself too, while they’re lying around and sick.

Kids are so pure, innocent, and sweet. If we sincerely try to make them feel better they’re instantly diverted and start to pep up. Here are six activities I do to cheer up kids when they’re feeling sick.

Photo albums

I love to look through the old family photo albums and tell them who’s who. Having a laugh about the old-school group pictures, family photographs, and first day at school photos of parents is always a blast. We also pull out the wedding photographs of their grandparents or their first picture with their grandparents as well.   

Drawing, coloring, and painting

It may sound funny, but I’ve noticed that sometimes kids are more creative when they’re not feeling good. Maybe it’s because they don’t keep hopping from one place to the other every minute. They tend to stay in one spot to work on the project at hand in a more relaxed mood. It’s probably similar to how a poet can write a beautiful romantic poem when they’re focused and alone.

Classic games

My nephews and nieces always enjoy playing cards, paper projects, and board games. They even know some of the games of my generation or even older generations: games that almost none of their friends are probably familiar with.

Most kinds nowadays only know how to play dots and boxes or Sudoku on a touch screen hand held electronic device. They haven’t ever played on paper, or cracked open a Sudoku book of several hundred puzzles. I’m sometimes anxious to find out how my own princess will feel about these classic games once she’s old enough to play.

Snuggles and cuddles

My husband has an amazing connection with our princess. They can snuggle for over an hour. AIt’sa process that totally calms my daughter down from any fever or pain from her teething. I enjoy looking at them having their mom and baby conversations.

My connection with my daughter is different. My way involves a lot of jumping and playing goofy games – not always most appropriate when she is sick, but a blast when she is well!

Watching movies or cartoons together

I used to have so much fun watching old family and wedding movies with my nephews and nieces. We would sit and make fun of the old fashion trends. The look of surprise on their faces to see their parents as young teens was priceless.

Being the youngest child of my parents, I didn’t have much company growing up to watch cartoons with. I can honestly say I’ve watched more cartoons after becoming an uncle and a father than I did as a child. It’s so much fun watching movies or cartoons with kids.

I’ve also discovered some really good cartoons for babies while trying to calm down my princess. The funny part is that I’m still getting suggestions to re-watch the same cartoons while I’m working – thanks to my browser’s history.

Making origami

I’ve never been good at art and craft stuff, but I’ve also never stopped trying. It’s so much fun to make paper airplanes, boats, balls, hats, and golf clubs. I love sitting down with sick kids to coach them through complicated folding instructions and make something fun out of a simple piece of paper.

Although I know kids are likely to get sick often because their immune system is still developing, I just can’t bear to watch kids feeling sick. Seeing them ill makes me feel so helpless to the point that I wish I could do something that will ensure no child ever gets sick.

Of course, we always keep a close watch on our children to ensure that they get the care they need, and on more than one occasion we’ve had to visit an emergency room, pediatric clinic, lab, or urgent care center to get a professional evaluation and diagnosis. Through thick and thin though we always make it back home to give additional tender loving care (TLC) and attention.

Even though we can’t prevent our little ones from coming down with a nasty bug, we can try to divert their attention towards something enjoyable and fun, all while making beautiful memories with them.


Zyana Morris is a passionate Health and Lifestyle Blogger who loves to write on prevailing Trends. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and lifestyle industry. You can follow her through Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, March 7, 2016

A press conference as called by Donald Trump's penis

America, America, excuse me. Excuse me.

I am huge, let me just tell you about it. Huge. And I love you. I love the people here. They’re beautiful, wonderful people. America has the best people. Especially women. I love women. Some men, too. I like men. And men love me, they really do. They love me. But women. Women are incredible. Incredible. At least three of them have loved me back, and you can check the record on that. But the rest are liars. Losing liars. I hate those women because they lie. They all want me. They’re jealous. Jealous loser women.

But that’s not why we’re here, not why we’re here. As your soon-to-be-president’s dick, I want to set the record straight on a few things. Excuse me. Excuse. Me. Penis is talking here.

I am incredibly successful. You look at my numbers. They reach billions. Billions. … Your graphic is wrong. I know I said three before. But it’s billions. Trust me. Billions. And, you know what, the Hispanics, Black people, Asians, even Muslims, they love me, too. We've made deals. Give and take. I’m a businesspenis, you know that. I know that. I’ve probably hired thousands and thousands and thousands of people. I’m creating jobs. And I don’t discriminate, no, I don’t discriminate. I love all people. They’re so beautiful. Incredible. And they want it. I give people what they want.

As for the issues, I hit the important things. The big things. I make the tallest, shiniest towers. Because I can make them. And I make them great. And they’re big. They’re really big. Like me. You know this already. I also have the most money. The most. Of anyone in the world, I have the most money. Look it up. Check my Twitter. People love that about me. It resonates. People can almost feel me when I talk about it. They like a successful guy. And I’m successful. Let me tell you. And I’m going to build the biggest, longest, best-looking wall you’ve ever seen. It will look just like me, watch. I guarantee you there will be no bigger wall in the world, just like there is no bigger penis in the world. I guarantee you this.

And internationally, I’m really big. Maybe even bigger than here. I’ve had five, ten, actually thousands of people tell me how big I am out there. I’m yuuuuge. You already know that. But leaders, they will listen to me because I know how to talk to them. Once I put myself on the table, maybe alongside the gun I bought and make the stupid small hands carry around, those people will be bending over backward to do what we say. They’ll be begging for it—this deal I’ll make with them. And I make the best deals. And it’s good for them in the long run, it is. But it’s better for us. I’ll always make sure it’s better for us. I get what I come for. And I come for what I get. Look at my record. Don’t believe these lying losers.

And my final point is, hey, listen. I disavow my hands, okay? I disavow them. I don’t have anything to do with them, and they don’t have anything to do with me, alright? I mean, we work together sometimes. But mostly at night, when I can’t sleep. I hardly ever sleep, you know. So, yeah, we work together every once in a while, but that’s it. And let’s get this straight right now, they work for me. I’m in charge of them, and I tell them what to do. And they love me for it. Just like the women do. Like all the people, really. People and hands just love me. And I love them. Incredible. But I disavow them. Tiny, small traitors. Lightweights. I’m the real deal. Huge. So successful. Even my daughter loves me. I mean, I think she does. She hasn’t said that, but I think she would. If she wasn’t my daughter. Point is, everyone loves me. Because I’m big. Tremendous.

You know you want it. You’ve been waiting for this, America. And I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to make you great again.


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