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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Resolutions - 2021

My resolutions for 2021.

10) Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. 

I almost do this. I'd like to do it do it.

9) Exercise consistently 5 times a week.

I got up to a little over 4 times a week this year. We'll try again.

8) Stop biting my nails.

I had done this, but lapsed in 2020. I'm going to try to do some vitamins, too, to strengthen them.

7) Do some kind of yoga, meditation, self-care three times a week.

I'm trying to get away from gleaning my value from my accomplishments.

6) Fix three things about the house

5) Make $100,000 and/or get a full-time position somewhere.

Didn't quite make it this year.

4) Publish 50 pieces

This is a large goal, but with teaching less, and counting regular clients, maybe I can make it.

3) Read 50 books

This year, I read two, so.

2) Watch less TV

I think if I spend at least one hour of my working time without Netflix on, I can do this.

1) Start a new creative endeavor and get it off the ground

Working with a friend on a possible podcast, and I have a book I want to write. But anything will count.

For my kids and I, I resolve the following:

5) Help them navigate tween-teen years, be someone they can trust and love.

4) Integrate them into my life more now that we're all home

3) Save $10,000 more each for them.

2) Do something with them every day.

1) Have them help me with one unpleasant thing a day. (Like chores or projects)


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