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Saturday, June 24, 2017

How To Make Your Home Feel Warm & Personalized

Your home is where you head to relax and enjoy yourself. It’s important you make it a place of relaxation, and a space which represents your personality. There are steps to take that’ll ensure you feel happy each time you enter your home. Even if you’re not the best decorator, this is a project anyone is capable of doing if they put their mind to it.
Take a walk through of your home and note spaces and areas that you either love or can’t stand. Review each room one at a time and take notes. This’ll help you when you start to rearrange and place new items in your space. Have fun with it and remember that nothing’s permanent when you’re decorating. See how to make your home feel warm and personalized.
Knit or Crochet
Cozy up your home by handcrafting items for your place. Knit or crochet a blanket for your living room or bedrooms. Every time you use it, you’ll be reminded that it’s special. This is a sure way to stay warm and add a personal touch to your home. It’s also thoughtful to craft another person a gift, so they have it in their home.
Tote Bags
A custom tote bag is a great way to make your home feel personalized when you walk in the door. It’s easy and fun to create custom tote bags online, and you’ll have them in your home in no time. Hang them up and ready to use when you’re heading out the door. It’ll be like you’re bringing a piece of your home with you wherever you go. They’re fashionable and will certainly brighten up your home.
Hang pictures on the walls and display them on shelves. Pick some of your favorite shots of the family, kids and pets. Display them around the different rooms to spread the love to all corners of the house. Print images of your most cherished vacations or beautiful nature shots. These pictures will liven up the room and make it feel nice and warm.
Layer your lighting and add dimmer switches to set the mood. Make sure you have options when traveling from room to room. Include cute lamps and candles to make the room feel warm and cozy. Lighting is an element that’s often forgotten, but plays a large role in setting the tone throughout the home.
Fresh Flowers
Head to the farmer’s market and pick fresh flowers to display. Place them throughout the home and enjoy the colors and beautiful aromas that float throughout the air. Never underestimate the impact of a bundle of fresh flowers for sprucing up your home.
Use paint to liven up your front door. Your home will look stylish and unique at the same time. Don’t be afraid to add a color that’s bold and speaks to you. Paint is also a way to quickly change a room in the home and make it more hospitable.  

Small changes go a long way. Put your thinking cap on and start experimenting with new ideas. This is how to make your home feel warm and personalized.

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