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Monday, January 1, 2024

Resolutions - 2024

Resolution time for the new year. 10 for me, 5 for the kids. Let's do it.

10. Read 12 books.

I got 11 last year, plus two half read each. I think I can do this.

9. Fix three things about the house.

I'm thinking the bathroom, a door, and one other thing, undetermined as of yet.

8. Make more money at one job.

This past year I dropped a lot of money because the rate I was working was not sustainable. I work 2 full time jobs and 2 part time jobs currently, to make the salary of what I believe 1 full time job should pay me. So, I'd like to do that. Be it a promotion or a new job, idk.

7. Figure my shit out.

I'm in the middle of some hefty inner work, It sucks a lot. I've made really big strides since I started in March of last year, but they've been deconstruction. I'd like to move to reconstruction. But I've a while to go yet.

6. Go out with a friend twice a month.

I didn't do this last year, and I really think it would do me good.

5. Get the house clean.

This is a lot harder than it appears. The house is big, we have a lot of stuff. At this point, I haven't dusted in years. More clean, less clutter. 

4. Gym 4 times a week.

This does take a lot of my time, but I'd like to keep it up.

3. Give every interaction the honesty and brevity it deserves.

I'd like my communications to be clearer, and I'd like to take up just a little more space for myself. Not automatically take on the blame for problems or the weight of mishaps, particularly the 95 percent of the time I have nothing to do with them. I don't need extra explanations or context.

2. Better outer self care: hydration, skin care, nails, hair. Look put-together.

I do some of this. I try to drink enough water, I would like to at least use lotion (the rest of skin care is beyond me), keep my nails good, maybe better than they are now, keep up with my hair routine.

1. Do one thing that makes me happy every day. 

I'll have to try to keep up with this, marking it down, day by day.


5. Help each one further their interest: acting for Dulce, working out for Natalina.

4. Save $10,000 more for them each.

3. Help them navigate life and be as happy as possible for the long term.

2. Guide them through their learner's permits.

1. Increase their responsibilities. Help them be more ready for independence.


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