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Keep It Clean

Resident cleaning lady over at Smibbo has a very important message for your bathroom. But it starts with some knowledge of cleaning agents.

Over at Smibbo, our resident cleaning lady has a few choice words to say about a few choice soaps. After giving us a rundown about how the stuff even works, that is. I have never been so enlightened about cleaning before, and I'm so lucky she agreed to share her knowledge bombs with me.

Q: So what’s the worst job you ever did?

A: kind of depends how you define “worst” but I’ll assume you want juicy details of something really gross. No problem. (don't forget to visit Smibbo at her site for more!)

By far the most common question I get when I show up to a job is “What can I do to make sure it doesn’t get like this again/keep it clean?”

Well, that answer always tends to be a bit long so here we go…

1. More trash receptacles. Not once have I ever seen enough trash receptacles at a deep clean site. In my opinion, every room where you do something needs a trash receptacle, whether its tiny or huge. I’m still amazed people will have a room that is obviously their favorite, where they spend the majority of their time but not ONE trash receptacle anywhere! Or if there is one, its at the other end of the room, usually overflowing because the receptacle is tiny and decorative.

The Sudden Clean-up Panic.

Yes, I know it well. I have it all the time. In fact, its my biggest motivation for cleaning up my own place. Sometimes, when I’ve been lax for too long, I call or msg someone I haven’t seen in a while, someone I really respect and I make chit-chat. Then at the end we often make noises about getting together. Sometimes we make plans even. THen when I hang up, I suddenly feel the urge to clean up in a panic as if they are going to show up any minute on my doorstep.

Q: Do you judge the people you clean for?

A: absolutely not. The vast majority of people I clean for are pretty damned busy people and/or they have a disability/illness that precludes intensive cleaning. Besides, they can afford to pay me, then I certainly figure they must be busy enough to warrant hiring someone.

Nothing freaks me out more than walking around the local town center to trick-or-treat, seeing and hearing all the coughing, sneezing, sniveling robots and witches and ballerinas wipe their noses and then reach into the common bowl of treats, rifle through them, and select the perfect mini Snickers.

Getting your kids to help out in the morning before school and all day long!


We pick up bum-bum germs all day long, on our hands, our shoes, our cell phones, our purses, and so forth. But there are three big things you can do to remedy this nasty situation.


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