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Monday, December 27, 2021

Resolutions check-in

Every year, I make resolutions, and every year, before I do, I check in on last years. 2020 was a bust, but I tried to do a little better this year.

10) Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. 

Done. I drink 6-10 glasses a day now. (And I'm still dehydrated, lol, what?) 1

9) Exercise consistently 5 times a week.

Done. Just barely, but done. Not sure I can keep that up in 2022 tho. 1

8) Stop biting my nails.

Done. Again, not sure if it will last, but I have had nails since August, so not a bad run so far. 1

7) Do some kind of yoga, meditation, self-care three times a week.

Nope. I tried, and did pretty well for the first month or so, but, yet again, just did not have the time. 0

6) Fix three things about the house

I think I'll count this. I fixed the front arches, front wall, and side rotting windowsills. 1

5) Make $100,000 and/or get a full-time position somewhere.

I did both! This year, with teaching, many freelance contracts and clients, some traditional freelancing, and a full time job starting in November, I made $102,698. Of course, I have to take taxes out of a lot of it, but it still counts!

And I'm now the Creative Services Director for our local CBS/NBC affiliate. So, I'm counting it twice. 2

4) Publish 50 pieces

I just made this if you count all the client work I did. Like just made it to 50 exactly. 1

3) Read 50 books

HAHAHA. I read 3. And I started Catch 22. 0

2) Watch less TV

I will give myself half a point because I started watching less TV when I started having to be at an office all day every day. .5

1) Start a new creative endeavor and get it off the ground

NOPE. Not enough time. 0

I'm pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish this year.


For my kids and I, I resolve the following:

5) Help them navigate tween-teen years, be someone they can trust and love.

This has been so hard, but, really and honestly, through a lot of patience, and taking a lot of negativity in and neutralizing it, I really think I have done this. 1

4) Integrate them into my life more now that we're all home

I also did this, up to a point. Then they went back to school and I went to work, so it's not as frequent, but it's not nothing. .5

3) Save $10,000 more each for them.

Done. 1

2) Do something with them every day.

Not every day. That was too much. I'll amend this one for next year so it is doable. 0

1) Have them help me with one unpleasant thing a day. (Like chores or projects)

Again, not every day, and this one much less than the one before. I don't like having them do unpleasant things because of how unpleasant it is for me. 0



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