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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Toddler Tricks - 55: The Juice Box

Problem: You're going to the park / playground / mall / beach wherever. You'll need portable drinks that won't spill during carry, can be easily manipulated by a toddler, and are less likely to get sand / dirt in their spout or straw. Juice box is the obvious choice, but as soon as your kid gets her grubby little paws on it, half the juice squirts out by accident because she's got no concept of holding something gently. Plus, once kids see that accidental purple spout, you can bet their sticky hands they'll want to do it again. Toddler: 1 Juice Box: 0

Solution: The credit for this goes to the friend I mentioned yesterday. It's so simple and yet I'd never have thought of it myself. Pull the edges of the box folds up so that two triangles of cardboard stick out perpendicular from the box. You're kid isn't interested in holding the box by the fashionable handles you made for him? My friend called them ears, and her children (as well as mine) were delighted to hold their juice box by the ears to drink.  Brilliant.

Problem: Your child only drinks a few sips, then declares himself done. The juice box immediately loses its non-spill portability magic. But you don't want to toss a full juice either.

Solution: Carry scotch tape around. I'm serious. A small roll. You won't even notice it. When your kid is done with his juice for the time being, tape the hole over well. Flip the box over to make sure no juice drips out. This has to be sealed if you're going to put it back in any purse or carrying bag. Tape the straw to the side so that you don't lose it.

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  1. ha ha isn't it brilliant? we call it "wings". I saw another mom do it at mom's club and since then it's how we juice box. "hold it by the wings!"

    the tape trick is also brilliant, but my kid (aka the vacuum) never leaves leftover juice.

  2. Instead of juice boxes you can invest in some insulated cups with straws. They hold more liquid, you can close them and it's cheaper to buy a large bottle of juice and refill them.
    You can even gets ones made with their names on it.

  3. Great tips:) And I second that the tape trick is brilliant:) I featured it in a hint on smart juice box hacks - enjoy:)

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