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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today You Are Three - How Did We Get Here?

Today the babies are actually three (Actually, it's 9:14 a.m. right now, which happens to be the exact time Dulce was born. Now it's 9:15 a.m., exactly the time Natalina was born. This was totally an accident!!)

Here's some photo evidence of their amazing journey.



The first time I held them.

Dulce says wut?
Natalina says don't even worry about it.

What? Get out of town!
Never fear! We're on dish duty!

No, seriously, mom. We got this.

Oh, we're moving? We conveniently fit in one box.
My sister was the party.
Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting for birthday 2.

You mean we knock and people give us candy?

Hating airports, like everyone else.
And suddenly we're three. How does that even happen?

Happy Birthday, Babies.  I love you.

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  1. Happy Birthday D and N! And happy birthing day to you. Good job.

  2. Happy birthday sweethearts. love to you, may this year be filled with wonderful suprises and delightful discoveries.

  3. Happy Birthday babies!!!!!

    Mama, you're amazing, and you're doing a wonderful job raising your girls into wonderful little people. <3

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet babies!!!!
    My twins will be 3 next week. It is amazing how fast time goes by.

  5. Wonderful photo journey. Congrats, mama!!



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