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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

8 Best Ways To De-Stress Your Child Creatively - Guest Post

Children these days are hard pressed for time while they shuffle from school, to tuition to sports training and other strenuous activities. The competitive environment bogs them down and results in both mental and physical exhaustion. The information overload is immense. As a parent, it is a challenge for you to keep your child healthy and help him deal with the stress effectively.

Creativity is rampant in today’s children, which includes your child too! Here is how you can help him relax yet, explore other non- strenuous activities to de-stress.

Meditative Music And Talk

The humongous workload in school and tuition pushes the child to the verge of being stressed and sad. In such cases, recorded discs of meditative music and encouraging self-help material does the trick to help your child deal with it.


Simple games as Pictionary is instrumental in helping them loosen up and enjoy the nuances of life in pictorial representations. It is a constructive means of helping them relax and yet re-learn their learning.

Role Play 

Stepping on stage in somebody else’s shoes is a sure shot way to help your child to break away from the anxieties that haunt him. He can be someone else and separated from the worries that have haunted him through the day. Role- play is an effective way of de-stressing and it helps the child deal with his problem when he attends to it with a cooler mind.

Color the Blues Away

This is perhaps the most fail proof and standardized creative solution to help your child deal with his stress woes. Handing him a pack of colors and paper is surely going to help him spill all his doubts and inhibitions on the blank sheet. He will be washing it away in the hues of his favorite colors. Colors have known to have a therapeutic effect and are healing.

Fun with Food

Nothing works like a wonder as compared to food! Getting your child involved in kitchen is perhaps the easiest way of helping him relax. It can be a simple work ranging from putting dollops of cookie batter on the baking tray or helping him whip up a cake from scratch; or trying his hand at barbecuing veggies with chunks of his favorite meats. Food explorations, cooking and baking are perhaps the easiest ways of relaxing and attaining peace


Every child has his favorite cartoon that cheers him and puts a smile on his cherubic face. These cartoons have their moments of failure and then ultimately salvage the situation heroically. This boosts your child’s morale as he can see his favorite character recuperating from failure and being a hero in the eventuality. He can push himself to do the same. Especially the advancement in the lifestyle these days doesn’t merely restrict the cartoon to the paper or screen but it is available in life size toys or as prints in bags, notebooks, games that the child can carry with him. These cartoon merchandise is a major booster for the child to de-stress.

Building Sand Castles or Legos 

Perhaps the simplest way of relaxing is splashing in water at the beach and building sand castles. The lack of a water body or if your child is water phobic, engaging him in an activity of building using legos can help his release the tension that would be gnawing at him.


The scientifically proven stress buster for all ages is reading. Inculcating in him the habit of reading is definitely a constructive way of dealing with stress as it helps your child to leave his woes and set sail with his Famous Five or Secret Seven. Reading enables him to widen his perspective and hence widens his ability to deal with the problem.

Therefore, these simple yet creative ways can work wonders for your child aiding him to deal with stress. After all, being emotionally adept is the key to a successful individual!


I am Aradhana. I am a passionate writer and love to write on topics like parenting, wellness, health and lifestyle. I believe good health is the key to success and happiness. I am a contributor for natural news, elephant journal, naturally savvy and Through my writings, I want to motivate people to develop healthy habits and adopt natural ways of living to achieve sound health.

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