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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Priority Training

My kids are brilliant at focusing on the tiniest detail, at the expense of any sort of big picture, and twisting that small, insignificant issue into the largest possible problem, sapping all joy from the day, and all energy from my being.


Which color sandals your sister is wearing is NOT more important than getting to sports on time.

Accidentally dropping your shirt on the floor does not make it dirty, and even if it did, that's not more important than actually putting your shirt on.

She didn't smile because you were coughing. She smiled because she liked that scene in the movie. You crying because you missed some of the movie because you cried is just freaking ridiculous, but whatever, go on with your bad self.

Your sister didn't step on your scooter on purpose, but even if she did, that's not as important as actually scootering.

And etc all day long my whole life.

Yesterday, out at dinner, my husband took a crayon and drew my daughter a picture. She tried to make noise about where exactly he could draw it. She didn't want it drawn on her place mat. Of course, where it's drawn is not important. And he told her that. Then drew on her place mat a sketch of three boxes.


Which one of these is the most important, he asked?

She picked out the big one, and he said, yes. Then he told her she had a habit of concentrating on the small boxes and needed to let those go and focus on the big boxes.


It hasn't worked at all. But I still think it's brilliant. I really hope they get it soon.

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