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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lost Tooth

I remember losing teeth. It was an exciting, fun thing that meant I was growing up just a little bit more.

With twins, however, or at least with my twins, it can be a little more complicated than that.

Dulce lost her tooth, finally, and miracle of miracles, Natalina was excited for her. Celebrated with her.

For a few moments.

Natalina was happy because she truly wanted Dulce to lose her tooth first. That way, her sister would prove it was safe. These are the things my children worry about.

Soon enough, though, the jubilant shrieks died down, and Natalina began with the quiet ribbing. She didn't like the way the big tooth looked, she said. She thought Dulce looked better with her little teeth.

We're going back and forth right now between teasing and support, and honestly, that's more than I'd hoped for. Particularly coming from a little girl who just an hour ago threw a tantrum at a party because she'd eaten her entire slice of pizza and Dulce had eaten just half. This is the life we live.

For now, we'll take what we get, and the little girl who doesn't believe in the tooth fairy will get some money under her pillow tonight.



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