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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Mother’s Hopeless Fantasy -- Guest Post

I don't usually run poetry, but this piece is raw, honest, and spellbinding. Thanks to N. Lei Walker.


Every mother wants to protect their child. 
Maternal instinct will have you be their shelter from the rain
Without any hesitation, jump in front of a train 
Run full speed into a blazing fire
Be their triple AAA, Geico, and spare to their flat tire
But how do you shield them from words?
Words can be more painful than 3rd degree burns
How do I preserve his innocence from the ignorance?
When stigma precedes actual contact
The sad realization is prejudices has too much of a profound impact
Keeps the world all contained but not intact

I guess in a way I want him to stay ignorant to the world
Let him think glass ceilings are actually glass ceilings
No need for it to be broken by a woman or a girl

So what do I say to my son?
A brown little boy with beautiful nappy hair, you know the hair that makes bubbles at his hair line before comb,
The child who knows wherever mommy is, he is home
How do I explain that in this day and age his reality of his beautiful friend who has bold brown eyes, stringy blonde hair that surpasses his chin
has more privileges, to win

I question, should I be the one to invade his candy land with the bitterness of this world?

When it’s the 11 year anniversary of Trayvon Martin would I tell him,
There is no iniquity in humanity
 It wasn't anybody’s fault on that rainy day of February 26, 2012
The gun malfunctioned in the rain
but don’t worry Trayvon didn't feel any pain
Zimmerman’s intent was to simply show off his rocket
In exchange for the skittles that were in Trayvon's pocket

There is something precious about the innocence of child. Who waves Hello on a crowded New York City subway without any intrepidation
And not show bias because of class, race, gender, and or education

I want him to stay inculpable and still manage to defy all odds, crush misconceptions, jump over obstacles, and just taste rainbows
Even the one’s in Trayvons pocket

When its the16 year anniversary of Mike brown 
The summer before college, to get him safely to his dorm
Should I explain to him the respective way to greet the cops?
Post up and surrender
Without mentioning, he maybe the assumed offender

 Should I tell him there is no such thing as the right place at the wrong time?
Its only right place at the right time
But be home a hour before the street lights
And don’t wear black and yellow together, blue and orange, and forget about red
Neutral colors compliment your skin
OH, and there are places where the sun won’t shine
So don’t cross that city line

Inform him, war is a form of protection
From New Orleans Hand Grenades
And the KKK are dressed up as ghost for the city’s Halloween parade

And then I wake up
To realize I will be his biggest enemy
My fantasy world has a huge penalty
Shaping a man to have no identity

In order to recognize the bloomed flowers
We have to be aware of their nonexistence in winter time.

To be continued…

N. Lei Walker


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  1. What an amazing piece ! A creative yet bitter truth in our world. I would love to read more



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