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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The rest of the Go the Fuck to Sleep series

Well, now that "You have to fucking eat" has come out to join its predecessor "Go the fuck to sleep", I've compiled a list of new titles I need to see from this author, asap. (Also, I'd have titled this sequel, "take a fucking bite", but same dif).

1) Put your goddamn shoes on

2) Brush your fucking teeth

3) Get in the goddamn car

4) I dare you to roll your eyes again

5) Stop fucking crying

6) This shit isn't important

7) Go fucking play

8) Stop saying my fucking name

9) Go potty before I kill you

10) Fuck you. Seriously, just fuck you (obviously the capper, for when parents have completely given up on life).

Been a great day here so far, why do you ask?



  1. Go potty before I kill you is my favorite! Oh dear, I literally say in my thoughts (hope never slipped off my tongue though).
    Parenting is a hard and stressful job, leave aside writing for okay?:)



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