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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kindergarten Kids - Sign up for summer NOW


You're shoulders deep in winter vacation and pulling your hair out (in my case, not only can I not wait for
my kids to go back to school, it's been long enough (three weeks) where going back to school constitutes a life change which gives me anxiety.) So I don't want them to go back, and I do want them to go back. Ack, change. Anyway.

You also remember clearly last summer, in which you bent over backwards to keep your kids entertained. Fun things every day. Play dates, the park, the movies, the library staff knows you by name, for goodness sake. How you wished you'd signed them up for camps or sports or anything. But by the time you thought of it (June, tbh) it was too late. Everyone was full, sign ups had been closed for weeks, etc.


Do it now. The desperation is fresh in your mind, you're ready to take action, so use that energy to commit to the future!

Here are some things you could sign your five or six year olds up for. (Just google these things in your town. Also, check the rec dept for more).

Sports camps (soccer, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, lacrosse, whatever).
Bible school (not for us, but if you're into it)
Science club
Girl or Boy Scouts (I have girls so I have no moral dilemma here)
And several general 'day' camps

Go nuts! Even if sign ups aren't open yet, if you make a list of possibilities, you'll be less likely to forget when the time comes...and it's not too far away.


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