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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Naked Egg Experiment - Guest Post

Samantha Williams from The Day Well Spent is back with an amazing, easy, two-ingredient, one-step experiment that kids love!


The Naked Egg experiment. I found this a few days ago via Pinterest and it certainly caught my eye. I went to the website it was pinned from and watched the video, then I showed the video to Jack and we both decided this was something we had to try. So Saturday afternoon we gathered our supplies and got to it.
Guys this was so much fun. Before we started we happened to mention to grandma what we were going to do and she thought it was so cool that she also did her own naked egg experiment. I think Jack had as much fun watching her bounce her egg as he did his own! This is such an easy and incredibly fun activity that requires basic ingredients most already have in their home. I highly recommend giving it a try yourself!

All you need: An egg, a jar and vinegar.

The experiment takes 12-24 hours so I took a picture every time I noticed a change in the egg.


and then finally it was done! Squishy, squishy!

Of course, they will still...break.

If you want to try this yourself, check out this page for all you need to know! how to make a naked egg!


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