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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kindergarten Kids - Facing the Flu


You've got all your normal shit to do, but suddenly you can no longer stand up. For three days, you can't move for the pain, you're feverish, and body aches doesn't even begin  to cover it. Then, when you do feel slightly better, you're weak. You can't stand for long periods of time. You can't raise your arms above your head.

Meanwhile, your kids are having blueberry fights in the living room because they're so bored, and mommy never comes out of her room anymore.


The only solution for bad illnesses (I have the flu, but this goes for bad colds as well), is time. And you can't resent the time you have to take (although, of course, I do), because it's not going to make anything move more quickly. And when you start to feel better, you can't overdo it, or you'll be back on your ass again the next day (ask me how I know).

Basically, you need to take the moments when your brain is working (few and far between, unfortunately), and organize and delegate.

Anything that had a deadline, you need to change it. Get used to your house being a disaster. Have faith that you can fix it later. Ask your kids to work with you, if they're old enough. To make less of a mess or to go outside. Whatever. Have groceries and meals delivered. Trust me. Get only the essentials so it doesn't cost too much.

Importantly, keep your kids away from you. They'll want to be rubbing their faces all in your flu. Tell them no. Taking care of a sick child while you're dead yourself is hard. 

Wait. It will be over soon.

God willing.


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