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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Slice of Life - Tattoo Edition

Tattoos are something not everyone has, but they say a lot about those who have them, and those who have them sometimes have more than one. Here are tattoos collected from around the country.

These two come from Cece Azadi, her shoulder and arm.

Next three are from Jackie Monck, who's working on a fourth right now!

Lin Thomas has too many to count! (Not all shown).

Russell Wait, sporting my favorite of the bunch. Hunter S. Thompson 4lyfe.

These two are on Tim Percoski. Bad ass.

My second favorite. Ann Marie Carroll is beautiful.

Hazel Hasselhoff has a self-proclaimed "tramp stamp".

Kris Leber with a gorgeous font.

Raina Sadi and Sailor Moon.

Tiffany Yusup's vibrant colors.

Ani Perriault lets her girls temporarily tattoo her!

Erica Thomas with a stunning display for her children.

Kat Faise is more than just a mom.

Oak Andrews with a Henna-inspired, true-ink pattern.

Tom Mariani, who is pretty much the coolest person on the planet.

Andrea Wagner, fighting a good fight for second coolest person on the planet.

Emily Abbott's chest and arm work. Amazing.

Joella Striebel, Bella Photography.

These three are Melanie Greeke, and I pretty much can't even at the narwhals.

Alli Ginsburg with her chosen Hebrew name. Look it up. Read a book. Damn, y'all, don't expect me to do everything for you.

Liz Hawksworth's. And I'll at least give you a hint on this one. It's not a fancy pi.

Joan Maxwell Good shares an inside joke between her and her husband.

These two are mine. I got the rose when I was 21. My husband affectionately calls it my red cabbage. I got the Kokopelli a few years later. At the time it was for the partying and the music. Then I had twins, so I guess I only got the fertility part.

Alison Gayton doesn't have a tattoo, but she doesn't mind deck her children out with some fake ones!

Courtney Yusup shares her most meaningful tattoos.

Shut up and marry me, Jen Mayer.

I kind of absolutely love Lizzy James' tattoos. I wish I had let go on my wrist instead of a red cabbage. Because they ended up meaning the same thing, tbh.

The detail here on Stacy Jo Juskevice's is astounding.

These belong to Sascha Fernandez, and damn, I know some cool people.

Zee Sanders for the win.

Tracey Birch: simple and complete.

This is Alison Beaton's son's favorite tattoo.

Courtney Knight with one of life's best decisions on her arm.

Sara Ess with simple beauty.

This one is on Tobi Wolf. Yup.

Alex Nguyen's tattoo means new life. Her sons' tattoos mean lizard and dragon...I think.

Samantha Williams, one of my life's biggest stars (this is a true story, not a pun.)

And there you have it. A monumental display of some of the chicest tattoos I've ever seen. People are so very interesting.



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