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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year 2014

I'd had a nice little blog pic share post planned for New Year's, since we always go out (with our kids) to celebrate, and I figured many other people did. But then I got sick. Like really sick. Probably sicker than I've been in a decade (which, considering how sick I just was in November, is saying something). So we didn't go out.

Our New Year's looked like this:

My husband played cards with the girls until about ten when we put them to bed. Then I suffered through a few hours of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. Then I went to bed. And stayed there until basically right now. That's how sick I was. Great start, eh?

Some of my blogging friends had a better New Year's than we did. (Not that ours was all that bad. Being deathly ill, and going to bed right after midnight at home certainly beats many of the NYE's I spent as a young twenties, drunk and having a shitty time no matter where we were.)

Only one had a picture to share, Alex Nguyen over at Alex Nguyen Portraits:

She and her family went to a party! Looks like so much fun, too!

I had a few fellow bloggers try to recapture their own young twenties, one going to a party, childless, and the other hopping on a plane to fly over the world as the time changed.

They both had miserable times, unfortunately.

Most, though, stayed home, like we did. Games with the kids, then a kiss and champagne at midnight (if they made it that long) then bed.

And no one had any complaints. We may not be glamorous, but we're fairly happy. That's a good thing.

Happy New Year.


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