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Thursday, December 16, 2010


When other people's two year olds draw pictures for their parents, it's scribbling.  Today, I learned for the first time that when mine do it, it's art.

See what I mean?  This is too beautiful for the fridge door.  No magnet should tarnish the composition and subtlety of this masterpiece.  It needs to be framed, nay, it needs to be in a museum.

All joking aside, this piece of paper represents a turning point in Natalina's life.  Her favorite color, obviously, is purple.  She wears purple clothing, paints with purple paint, and as you can see, will only color with the purple crayon.  The difference today is that she has now spent 90 minutes - yes, that's right, an entire hour and a half - sitting contentedly on the floor, shading and reshading this piece.  (This picture was taken at 20 minutes in.)

Previously, both twins would pick a blank sheet, scribble on it for 30 seconds, and flip to the next page.  Natalina is no longer scribbling, at least not in process.  She's putting thought into her strokes and completing a work before moving on.  It's magical to watch.

Dulce is jealous.  She is trying to distract Natalina, to draw her into some form of play that involves both babies.  When that doesn't work, she will try to block Natalina's work, either by stealing her crayon or sitting on her paper.  It's cute, but a little sad.  The artist bug has yet to bite her, I guess.

The contrast between the two really shows the development that is taking place.  A scribble versus a thought-out scribble.  The lazy scrawls versus the disciplined shading attempts.  Not a big difference to the untrained eye, but a huge difference to me.

And lest anyone think Dulce is lacking in creativity, rest assured, she makes up for her disinterest in art in other ways.  Like making hats out of coffee filters.

Two year olds are often tough to handle, but on mornings like these, I just love this age.

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  1. Please wrap one of those for me for christmas... Please

  2. lol I don't have twins but my girls are 15m apart and I see the same differences you do. I have one that absolutely loves to draw/color/build things and the other (younger one) would prefer to have a lolipop made out of tinkertoys. It's awesome to see their personalities emerge.

  3. Angie, you got it. You should see the finished product. I'm biased, but, boy, it's beautiful!

    Alicia, there have only been a few times where they've truly liked different things at different times. Each time it thrills me a little!

  4. She sounds like a budding artist. Her drawing is beautiful.

  5. It really should be put in a frame. Get dollar frames from a dollar store and do it.
    I've really found that it is exciting, and really beautiful to have children's art on the wall as actual art.

    I've been thinking about going down to the dollar store near my house and getting about $20 worth of frames to frame the ever changing art roll on our kitchen wall. This has sort of given me the push to go ahead and do that.

    So beautiful. I really love when they start thinking out their art, and it's awesome that Natalina has started!

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