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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Santa Concept

Christmas has been so hectic.  Dragging babies across the country, presents, presents, different foods, different people, presents, a massive snow storm, and, well, presents.

It's amazing how quickly the girls took to the idea of Santa.  We hadn't prepared them for it throughout the season.  We mentioned Christmas.  We told them about presents.  But we never really mentioned Santa until the night before.  As soon as the S-name slipped from my lips, my little one, Natalina, shouted out, "Santa!  Santa!  Presents!  Santa outside!"

She even pretended to sleep as if that would bring him faster.  I'm shocked at how easily they will believe that a strange man will break into the house with the sole purpose of leaving them presents.  Anyway, they are in love.  What could be better than Santa?

Nana, of course.

And once we finally made it to Connecticut, we were further amazed at the babies' ability to understand that not every present was going to be for them.  I see clearly now how the tradition of the children handing out the presents comes to be.  Even at two years old, the babies took delight in taking a present from the tree, finding out to whom it belonged, and bringing it to the correct recipient.  They even generously helped that person unwrap.



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