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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toddler Tricks - 16

Ways to trick your baby:

Problem:  Your toddler won't do what you want.

Solution:  Entice them with something that they weren't expecting.  For instance, if you use lollipops usually to "positively reinforce good behavior," and you would like to lessen their pop intake or you have, heaven forbid, run out of pops, or they are plain sick of pops, try something completely different, like cheese. 

We've also used pretzel sticks, yogurt juice and other more healthy items as bribery.  The great thing about having toddlers is they don't yet know what is good for them and what is a bad-for-them treat.

Ways your baby tricks you: 

Problem:  Your kids don't want anymore food.  You cannot dangle anything delicious in front of them to get them to do what you want because they're not buying it.  Or you need them to do something where a food treat would set you back a few steps, like get dressed for bed or brush their teeth.

Solution:  Train your kid to think of the chore as the reward.  It's easier than you would think, and the younger you start the easier it is.  For instance, I can get my kids to do almost anything they need to do by promising to let them brush their teeth or wash their hands afterward.  They love getting dressed for bed because they get to pick out their own pajamas.  How about this one?  If you pick up your toys, mommy will give you a bath.  Works every time.

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