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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Preschool Pointers - 27: It's NOT Allergies

A while back I wrote a post about how maybe my pediatrician was right, maybe my kids simply had allergies. I was wrong. It's not allergies.


Your kid is sick again, you bring her to the doctor and you get, "well, it's allergies." A week later, still sick, you bring her to the doctor again, he shines a light here, takes a temperature there and tells you, "nope, still allergies, but now there's an ear infection...from the allergies, of here are some antibiotics."

Then you come down with these "allergies" a few days later. Because, you know, allergies are so contagious. And your husband, too.

And your babysitter had to go to her doctor, and he told her "allergies" until she went back a few days later and demanded a throat swab. Because she had strep throat.

Which isn't allergies.


Don't let them put you off. I've come to the conclusion that during winter time, some pediatricians figure these illnesses are just kid sicknesses, little viruses here and there, and there's nothing that can be done, so what the hey, blame allergies.

We've never gotten tested for allergies, so the next time we go in (follow up in two weeks for ear infection, of course), I'm going to ask him to test them. If he's going to tell me allergies every time we pay him a visit (which isn't often. I'm pretty tough. We only go to the doctor when we absolutely have to.), then he's going to tell me what they're allergic to. Because come on.

Anyway, this is the winter of sick. I don't know of any parent that hasn't suffered through multiple bouts of illness, and they're probably all viruses that no one can do anything about.

But, seriously, they're not allergies.


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