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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guest Post - Preventing Fires

"Nearly every type of house fire can be prevented from happening!"

On an annual basis, the fire brigade is called out to well in excess of 60,000 house fires. And even more tragically, every single year somewhere in the region of 500 people die in these fires with an additional number, in excess of 10,000, becoming injured.

If there is a fire in your home, your probability of surviving depends on how rapidly and carefully you're able to leave the building.

To begin with, simply answer 'yes' or 'no' to each of the following questions and then examine how many right answers you get to see how good your knowledge is about home fire safety. Advice will then appear based on the answers that you put down, each of which will help you and your family's capabilities of dealing with a fire in the home.

To keep your family members safe it is very important you have a bedtime safety routine.
Turn off and unplug every electrical appliance that is not supposed to stay on overnight.
Turn off all transportable heating appliances.
Shut every door in every room of your home.
Unfortunately, a high percentage of fires start in people's homes during the night.
Are any candles or incense burners being used around the house?
Are any matches and cigarette lighters left out with young kids around?
Do any people in the home smoke cigarettes or cigars?
Do you have in place a plan for 'Escaping from the Home', if needed?

How to Set Up Your Escape Route!

Everybody in the home needs to be completely aware of the escape plan. Ensure your planned way of escaping stays free of any obstructing household items and that there aren't any floor coverings that may cause you to fall over. Every single person inside the house needs to be made fully aware of the escape plan.

Make sure that you purchase a smoke alarm. Good smoke alarms can be bought for fewer than ten dollars and are extremely easy to install. Smoke alarms are readily available from Do It Yourself, Hardware Stores and Electrical Shops and even in most good Supermarkets.

It is very important that you follow the Manufacturer's Instruction Manual which will show you, step-by-step, how to fit the smoke alarm. They included Instruction Manual should also provide advice you on changing batteries and on-going maintenance.

Here's What to Do If A Fire Starts In Your Home

Get out of the house immediately.
Call the fire service as soon as possible to address the fire.
Remain out of the house.

If you can shut the door of the room caught up in the fire firmly and every other door you have to pass through. This helps to delay any chance of the fire and the smoke spreading.

Before you try to open a closed door, make use of the back of your hand to see how warm it is. If it feels hot - or even remotely warm - then don't open it as there is likely to be fire on the other side.

Get everybody out of the house as fast as is humanly possible. Don't even think about attempting to take any valuables or possessions. Your life is far more important than any household item. Proceed out of your home as carefully as possible and avoid panicking. Your pre-planned escape route will help you enormously in a situation such as this.

Make an immediate call to the fire department from the house of a nearby neighbour or from a public telephone box (or your cell phone if it's on you, just saying). Give them the exact address to arrive at in a clear, calm voice. Don't even think of returning to your home until a fire officer has clearly stated that it is safe to do so.


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