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Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest Post - Five Worst Places to Bring Kids

Today I'm lucky enough to have a guest post on places NOT to take kids. Now I don't agree with all of them, I've had good and bad experiences for each. But, of course, any time you take kids out, it's a gamble.


Children are completely unpredictable and they can be on their worst behavior if they are taken to places they don’t like.

Department Stores At Christmas Time
Everyone is out shopping at Christmas and the department stores are full of last-minute shoppers. Kids aren't good in places where there is too much of a crowd. They can wander away and often get lost in the people. And of course, they tantrum. You might even have to stop shopping and leave the store.

Fancy White Table Cloth Restaurant
Taking children to a formal restaurant is not only bad for them but it has also proved to be a bad experience for the parents. (I haven't found this to be quite true.) Children can get upset at anything from not liking the food to not wanting to sit straight in a chair. (That's true.) The children often spill and break things, making the whole meal a disaster.

Art Gallery
Quiet places are the last place that one should take a child to. (Again, this depends.) Children are not really aware that they are in an art gallery or museum and therefore they are bored with their surroundings. (See, like here...I don't know that they're bored. More like, they're interested, but still LOUD.) They do not like to walk quietly or look without touching anything. They can get agitated and start crying or may do something that can prove to be embarrassing for the parents. 

Plane Trip
One might think that a child would be delighted to have the experience of flying in a plane but sometimes that is not the case. Children might seem excited at first but once they get on the plane they could get frightened of being so high and start crying or clinging to parents. They also might feel sick and throw up before the plane even starts. If the trip is necessary then it is vital that one prepares the child and takes all the measures to prevent any disaster that might happen. (Not to mention they'll kick their neighbor's seat, and yell a lot.)
The Market
If you are not going for toy shopping then a trip to the market is the last thing that a child would want to do. While the adults looks for the things that they want to buy, the child is bored and does not want to walk around behind the parent. (They could make a break for it, run around, spill stuff, tantrum. It's a blast, really.)


Mike has 2 young children aged 2 and 5, who keep him really busy. In his spare time (not really often), Mike enjoys contributing to blogs and reviewing kids products. In the last 4 years, Mike has published numerous articles and reviews on outdoor kids toys, baby accessories and parenting tools.

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