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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest Post - Five Great Outdoor Ideas

Today I am lucky enough to have a guest post detailing how to make your own outdoor experiences educational and unique from Allison Moody.


One of the problems parents today have to deal with is how to motivate their children to spend
more time in creative activities, as opposed to playing computer games and spending too much
time inside.

Good thing about schools is that teachers stimulate the children’s creativity with different
activities and take them to picnics so kids can learn about and enjoy nature. But how to
entertain children on weekends and during vacations, so they wouldn’t just stare at their
computer screens?

Not all craft-making, fun activities have to be confined to the classroom. Here are some ideas
how your kid can enjoy the wonders of the outside world.

Awake the Dreamer

1) Making a collage is a great way to show creativity. It could be made out of anything your
child finds outside. You could suggest a theme and see how your child expresses it through

2) Interest your child in setting up an easel in front of a forest, lily-covered lake or a field of
colorful flowers. Prepare a few anecdotes about famous painters to show your child how
reputable painters are.

Awake the Adventurer

3) Challenge your child to make a basketball hoop and pole, a football goal, a rag or paper doll,
a car, or anything he or she would like to play with. Supply your child with necessary material
and help him/her make a more interesting toy than what you would buy in a store.

4) Suggest to your child to play a game outside with friends. It could be some sort of “It’s a
Knockout“ game, where children would divide into two groups, have different tasks (climbing
a tree, making an original craft, catching a butterfly, eating an apple dangling from someone’s
hand) and whichever group finishes the tasks first, wins.

Awake the Money Maker

5) Not only grown-ups feel good when they make money. Children can be more proud of their
well earned 5 bucks, than a grown-up who earns a month’s salary. Find a convenient place to
set up a table and let your child sell lemonade to thirsty passers-by.

Once children spend time on making something by themselves, they will be proud of
their “baby“and will learn the value of creating something unique. Hopefully, their satisfaction
with the result will at least be equal to (if not greater than) the fun they have when playing
video games.

Author bio: Allison Moody is the happiest aunt in the world; she spends her time playing with her nieces, cooking, dancing, and reading. Her work currently consists of promoting her online application, Labeley – it’s a free tool for designing all kinds of labels (mostly beverage labels).



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