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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guest Post - Keeping Kids Safe in the Home

Well, after yesterday's oversharing, I didn't have it in me for another post (though I have a few I have to write.) Anyway, here's Sam Rose talking about security.


No parent ever wants to have to think about the prospect of a home invasion or robbery. Unfortunately,
these are realities that must be taken into consideration – especially when it comes to keeping your kids
safe in the house.

Fortunately, there are lots of different ways you can keep your kids safe and, listed below, are just a

1.) Home Security

Home security systems like the ones offered by Securitychoice are known not only for their sophistication but also their level of user-friendliness. These systems offer 24/7 monitoring. This means that no matter when, day or night, if something has triggered the alarm, the security people won’t be out of the loop.

2.) Family Dog

A dog can make a great addition to any family and it’s statistically proven that a dog can actually help
to reduce the stress and anxiety in a household. Dogs can also make great guardians, but only with the
proper training. If you want to look into a guard dog, it’s best to contact your local police for advice on
professional training.

3.) Escape Plan

You should organize a safe area in the unfortunate event of a home invasion. Typically, the best place
for a safe area is the home of neighbors you can trust. Coordinate with your neighbors and make sure
your children know that they have somewhere safe to go if something happens.

4.) New Locks

Whenever you move into an existing house, you should always make sure that the locks are changed.
You’ll also want to change the locks if the home you are moving into has been around for a while. Locks and mechanisms can weaken over time. Plenty of stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s sell DIY locks that are simple enough to install.

5.) Local Law

If you’re really concerned about keeping your kids safe, you should consult the local law. Make a trip
and bring the kids. If anyone is going to have valuable information about keeping kids safe, it’s them.
They might even have some advice for your children as they go about their day.

While none of these can absolutely guarantee anyone’s safety, by following just a few of these tips,
you’ll be taking the necessary steps toward making your home and your kids just a little bit safer.



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