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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Relay for Life - Sponsored Video

There are many things one can do to help in the fight against cancer. One of the easiest, and one that has the most long-reaching effects, would be taking part in the Relay for Life.

 Aptly named, the Relay for Life is the collective name for various events around the country aimed at celebrating cancer survivors and raising money for those still in need. While the events vary from area to area, they usually kick off with a "survivors lap" where those who have come back from cancer take a job or walk around the track to cheers and support from their friends, family, and strangers. When evening falls, candles are lit to honor those fighting and those who did not make it. The ceremonies are usually wrapped up with a "fight back" event, where those present make a personal commitment to fight cancer. Whether that commitment is utilizing one of their screenings, vowing to stop smoking or donating money to the cause, everyone is invited to make a pledge.

The Relay for Life started unofficially in 1985 when a doctor wanted to raise more money for cancer research and prevention in his area. Dr. Gordy Platt ran for 24 hours straight and hundreds of friends and supporters gathered and paid $25 to run or walk around the track with him for 30 minutes. He raised $27,000 that day.

The next year, more than 19 teams of runners took part, and the Relay for Life has grown from there.

Whether you choose to run in the relay or donate to your favorite team, the proceeds go to help cancer patients travel for necessary testing and procedures, they provide sources of support for those going through any stage of cancer, and they even give out scholarships for exemplary students paving the way for cancer awareness. It all goes through the Cancer Society.

You can find events and take part personally or through your office, neighborhood or organization. Anyone can sign up. Click here for more information and to find events near you.

**This post is sponsored by the ACS


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