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Friday, December 9, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Child

Young children have all the answers. They simplify the problem and their solutions are often immediate and...impossible.

We've decided on a last-minute trip to see my family before Christmas (we can't make it for the holiday this year.)

This is the conversation I had with the girls about it.

Dulce: Mama, I want to go see Nana.
Me: Well, first I have to buy the tickets.
Lilly: Okay! I get you coins! (Runs to the coin box and grabs me a quarter.) Here you go. Let's go see Nana.
Me: Well, I'll need more than that.
Dulce: Let's go buy some money, then.
Me: It's okay, I can buy them now. (Buys tickets online). Okay, I bought them!
Lilly: Great! Let's go!
Me: (Thinking fast). Well, um, they have to come in the mail first.
Dulce: I know where the mail is! On the counter! Let's get it and go!

I wish I lived in their world sometimes.


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