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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Looking Back - December Review I

It's always good to take stock of ourselves at some point during year. Most people choose December, and so do I. Not much has changed this year for in, nothing at all, really. I'm trying to further some projects, working freelance and caring for the kids. Boring!

But as my friends hasten to let me know, what I see as tedious, they see as stability. And that's a great gift, one that many do not have. It couldn't be more important in life than when you have young children, either. So I'll take it. I'm grateful for my routine life right now. I'll spice it up again later, I'm sure. Or not. I don't even know. I gave up on making plans long ago.

Anyway, this past January, February and March...what happened?

I had to defend myself against a disgruntled library patron, my two year olds stopped calling me mama, and I couldn't make a bowl of hot cereal to save my life.

I've since improved my skills.

In February, I did my first and only DITL (Day in the Life). I think I'll do it again this February. I also potty trained my kids. Or they potty learned. Or however we say it these days. Which was a battle and victory enough to last the whole year.

In March, Bear had an emergency! My mother helped that time, but I've since learned to sew (at least enough to fix a bear). I also, started recognizing for the first time the very different ways my children learn.

The biggest difference, of course, is merely time. While I'm still me...the girls have gone from this:

To this:

This has been part of the 2011 review extravaganza, put on by several excellent bloggers! I suggest you check it out and link up yourself!


  1. I'm so glad you linked up! Interesting recap!

    It's too bad someone had to act like that at the library, especially considering where he was sitting. I'm not sure I would have handled that situation so gracefully.

    Your little girls have changed so much! I've always thought it was fun to see how my kids are just born with different personalities. But I'm sure it's especially interesting to see the differences with your twins.

  2. Your girls are so cute!!
    It's hard to go from "mama" to "mommy" kids still call me mama, but I too am dreading the "mom" days ahead.
    Loved your day in the life. SO cute :)
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Your girls have the best hair!! And it is sad when they stop saying Mama. My 7 year old occasionally does and I love it. Going to read the library post.

    Thanks so much for linking up!! I have your point recorded.

  4. Your girls are precious! Ok, help me potty learn/train my 2 year old. She just turned 2 on Friday. She will potty in there at night but won't tell me during the day. Any pointers?

    Thanks for linking up with us!



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