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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looking Back - December Review II

This was a very normal year for us. I didn't go through any big changes, I just was. I did mess up a lot and my kids still made it through somehow.

In April, I bought classy bedframes for my daughters' new big-girl beds. And I failed. Hard.

I brought them back and the beds are still on the floor to this day.

I also scared the crap out of my children by telling them that a witch would come at night and get them. I thought we were playing a game, I swear! They're still afraid of her though. Another fail.

I also looked back at their infant months and thanked the Lord I wasn't there anymore. My friend was having twins, so I wrote a post to prepare her for it. This one got picked up by USA Today, so that was pretty cool.

In May, I started Operation Give a Shit. This was a full-blown life makeover attempt. I cleaned every room, top to bottom, I reorganized everything and did some design work. I started trying to shower regularly (by myself! Without toddlers!) It was totally worth it.

I ruefully compared a trip to the beach as a family with young kids to a trip without.

And I found out a very important piece to being a parent of twins. Don't let them lose their identities!


I also railed against couponing.

And I explained why sometimes I dress my kids in identical clothing. It's not for me, trust.

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  1. That is so awesome one of your posts got picked up by USA Today! I am hoping this spring to just do a total spring cleaning.
    Thanks for linking up again. I have your point recorded.

  2. Thank you for continuing to come by! I really appreciate it!

  3. I agree with Emmy! How cool you got picked up by USA Today! And I remember your story about early months with twins! I'm still overwhelmed just thinking about twin infants.

    My home is in desperate need of an organization make-over. I may try your do everything method!

    Great recap!



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