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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Toddler Tricks - 43: Making the best of it

Ways to trick your baby:

Problem: Your potty-trained toddler has to go to the bathroom midway through a rather long drive. You don't want him to hold it and teach him that troublesome trick. You don't want him to go in his pants. You don't want to slap a diaper on him, showing inconsistency. You don't want to stop, but you'll have to.

Solution: There are several solutions to this problem. The first is prevention. Do not leave the house until your child has gone to the bathroom. Even if he says he doesn't have to go.  Wait him out, especially if the drive is just a few hours. In my experience, if my twins have gone potty right before we leave for a faraway destination, they don't have to go for the few hours it takes us to get there. At any rate, at least there is less of a chance for it.

Ways your baby can trick you:

Problem: They really didn't have to go before you left and you ran out of time and had to hit the road. Or they went, but they still have to go again.

Solution: Bring a potty with you. Even potty-trained little ones who go on the big potty understand that a little potty serves the same purpose. If you have a potty with you, they can go anytime, anywhere. You just have to pull over in a safe spot and make them comfortable. If that doesn't work, or if there is no room for a big potty amid your other things, schedule your drive around a potty break. We'll usually make it so that we stop for lunch midway, and the babies use the bathroom at the restaurant after they eat. This is normal to them, and they don't know to make a battle of it.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Huge advocate of the "bring the potty with you" plan :)

  2. I voted! Loved your outside-the-bathroom idea :)



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