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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Toddler Tricks - 46: That Jamb Door

Ways to trick your baby:

Problem: I don't know about you, but we have bedroom doors that lock from the inside, allowing for maximum privacy...or providing an accidental baby prison. My husband and I waited too long to fix this. We thought, they won't lock the door. And then one day, the door was locked from the inside, two babies locked within.

Solution: Take the knob off. Reverse the inner knob with the outer knob. You now have a door that cannot be locked from the inside, only from the outside. (It's not recommended that you use the outside lock, by the way. Hah.)

Ways your baby tricks you:

Problem: Now that your child can't lock herself in her room, you're still not safe. As she continues to open and shut the door, you're afraid of little fingers getting caught as it closes with a bang. She can remove doorstops, and things stuck in the door jamb slip down, not to mention that's not good for the frame.

Solution: Buy one of those cheap over-the-door hangers. They never work like they're supposed to and the door may still pinch a finger as it bounces back from the frame, but it will never shut entirely and now you have an extra spot to hang things, too.

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  1. Until they lock you in.

    My solution would be to get an exterior doorknob in the same style that comes with a key and hide the key for such situations.

  2. You can also buy those little foam finger guards for the doors. They don't allow the door to shut all the way, preventing their tiny fingers from getting hurt. You can put them up high enough so the kids can't take them off.

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