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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adding Some Pizzaz to that Headband

As you can tell from the title, I didn't write this one. I'm about as crafty as a foot. The crafter-extraordinaire at The Crafting Hobbit took pity on me and made matching headbands for my girls. And, let me tell you, they love them. We are going on day three of endless-headband wear. Here's they're affectionately called Bandheads for some reason, but I'm digressing. They insisted we put them on as soon as the package came in.


I love this project because it’s really simple and even something you can do with your children. Start with a fabric headband, if you don’t have one you can use my headband tutorial to make one. And if you can’t sew don’t fret you can use fabric glue instead. Fabric glue is great to have especially if you aren’t a sewer. You can use it to fix hems and tears without a needle and thread.

You’re going to need some for this project. I splurged and got myself a Crop A Dile because it also has a built in hole puncher. You can get all sorts of nifty grommets, they come in different colors and even different shapes (like stars and flowers).

Choose a pattern and the grommet colors you’d like to choose and take some tailors chalk (if you don’t have that you can use a plain pencil) and mark out your pattern.   Ask the kids what they want on their headbands or even let them mark out a pattern. 

Now you’re ready to put in your grommets.  I prefer to punch a hole where my grommet it going to go so I get a cleaner edge. Follow the recommendations on your particular pliers to get the best results.  

Once I punch a hole I put my grommet through the hole and then use my Crop A Dile. The kids can help with this part too, they’ll love squeezing the pliers together to get the grommets to stay in place.

Once you’ve completed your pattern you’re done.  This project is great for a rainy afternoon and because you can skip the sewing all together and use fabric glue everyone can make themselves a pizzazzed headband.  If you don’t like grommets you can use snaps or even buttons and glue them on your headband.

Come check out The Crafting Hobbit to check out my other crafts.
So, fabric glue! That's what I need. Because, Lord knows, I can't sew! And grommets. I didn't even know that grommet was a word for something.  Thanks, Irene, for these lovely headbands! They're excellent for keeping pesky curls out of the kids' eyes!


The Crafting Hobbit says about herself: "I'm mommy to an amazing little guy and wife to a loving (although sometimes frustrating) husband. Both of which have Asperger's. I became an Earth friendly, crunchy, granola mommy. I'm really loving my return to the simpler things in life. I knit and I've recently started sewing. I dabble in other crafts and love creating things. I tested positive for the BRCA 2 mutation and I will be undergoing a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy."


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  1. This is a perfect craft to do with your kid on an uber hot day or rainy one. I'll retweet this for ya cuz it goes with the CHARISMATICKID spirit!

  2. They look adorable in them. And they make me miss my curly hair :)

  3. Irene needs a new hobby. Those are ugly as fuck!

  4. I guess, anon, then you can just be glad it's not your kids that are wearing them. As you know, I don't keep a particularly fashionable household, and the babies love them, so that's great for me.

    TWF and I disagree on many fundamental scores, but we do have a perfectly legitimate professional (? hobbyist, more like, amirite? I'm no professional) relationship, and it was kind of her to send these to me. I very much appreciate it.

  5. Don't worry, I wanted a simple project that was fun to do with kids. At least I have a productive hobby I'm proud about and I'm willing to stand behind what I make.

    We decided guest posts are mutually beneficial for our blogs. We're both adults and can put aside disagreements and still have a conversation.

  6. Aleene's makes both a glue pen and a quick drying formula. The glue pen can be a little easier if your kids are doing it, since you can put on the backs of your sparkly of choice.

    I can't wait until a) my daughter has hair and b) is old enough to craft with.



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