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Monday, June 6, 2011

Just Alike

On the average day, we get a lot of this: "They're close in age, aren't they?" or "Are they twins?"

I'm always a bit confused at this, since, to me, they're obviously twins, identical at that. I'll answer with a "Yup, just a minute apart," or "Yes, they are!" and the conversation goes from there, usually in normal adult tones at a normal adult sound level.

Yesterday, we got this: "Oh, look at the twins! They are so cute! How amazing! You are so lucky! Wow!" Louder than usual. In a higher pitch. More excitedly.


On the average day, we look like this:

Yesterday, we looked like this:

I don't often dress my kids identically. Even yesterday, as you can see, their shorts are different. There's something about identical wear I just don't really take to. I'll often buy them the same make of clothing, in different colors and patterns. That way, they're similar (which helps with clothing fights in the morning), but they're not the same.

Still, identical wear has many advantages. Many times, even if it's the same dress or shorts, the twins want the opposite color. They want whatever the other one has. The other one responds by clinging to that article of clothing, even if moments before they wanted what the other one had. This leaves us with one garment highly sought after and the other disdainfully tossed to the side. They still wear it, but they're aren't happy about it.

On a less practical note, it allows strangers to do the gushing they're wont to do without having to check themselves in doubt first. This opens us all up to a jubilation I don't quite know what to do with.  Babies are always fawned over, but, at almost three, my kids are well past the "aww, isn't she cute" phase. Twins, it seems, are a novelty forever. At least until three, anyway.


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  1. Your twins are stinkin' cute! I have triplets (bbg) and even though all three are the same height, we never hear "are they triplets?". We always hear "are they twins?" I guess they see the two boys and the girl doesn't stand out.

  2. I remember asking my father why he and my uncle always had the same clothing. He told me it wasn't because my grandmother bought them the same thing, it was because they liked the same things so even if they shopped separately they'd often pick out the exact same item of clothing.

  3. My girls are 15 months apart, look nothing really alike and I get "Are they twins" ALL the time. My eldest has dark brown hair and brown eyes, my youngest has light brown hair and blue/grey eyes. When they were younger and my youngest had dark hair I could possibly see it, but now, no way. Sure they look like sisters but twins? you tell me lol. You will probably get it for the rest of their lives.

  4. People used to ask if my sister and I were twins, even though we're three and a half years apart and don't really look alike. She was already as tall as me, and I guess "two kids who are probably related and the same size = twins".

    People are stupid. XD


  5. My mom only dressed us alike for special occasions. Even then, we were usually in the same dress, but different colors. Now that we're grown up, we sometimes end up in the exact same outfit, which we did not buy together or coordinate. Then we debate who got dressed first to see who was the copier.

  6. Ha, they are so adorable! I used to dress my girls in the same outfits and they weren't even twins. Just close in age. Although a lot of people THOUGHT they were twins. I never saw it.

    New follower!

  7. I think it's fun to dress my identical girls the same, and they seem to enjoy it too.
    I especially like to do it when we are going anywhere with lots of children (amusement park, playground, etc!) because then they are easier for me to spot and track in the crowd if they scamper away.



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