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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ten Amazing Uses for All that Glorious Postpartum Hair - Guest Post

Artist Emily Santanella is now a proud mother to her third child, and as such, going through the beautiful stage we call post-partum hair loss. But is it getting her down? You bet not! Being an expert at this now, she's got ten awesome ways to make the most out of the loss.


1) Weave the lost hair into extensions for existing hair. J Lo wears extensions, so they must be cool. Though is she still cool? I haven't seen a cameo on sesame street this season

2) Craft tiny wigs for Barbie for the inevitable day your daughter cuts off all her hair thinking it'll grow back.

3) Three words: discount. Baby. Toupees. Yeah, you could buy your little baldie a wig online, but those things are expensive. This is free AND matches Momma's sloppy bun that is all you can muster with a small child in your care!

4) Save it to remember what your hair looked like before your teenagers turned it grey. Or before your toddlers did that damage for that matter (my middle child is 18 months and a climber. I'm gonna look like a less cute Betty White before he hits kindergarten.)

5) You forgot the umbilical cord that fell off. You didn't make a placenta Teddy bear. Weave your postpartum sheddings into a baby quilt. You will one-up the shit out of that overachieving Pinterest mom. Yeah, you know the one I mean.

6) Stuff a pillow with it. Yeah, that works. Hang on, lemme refill my wine to get me brainstorming for 7 through 10.

7) Ok, got it. Your next halloween costume? The scary lady from The Grudge. Or Cousin It. OR stop shaving all of your body hair and go as Chewbacca. Dress Baby as Yoda-totes adorbs!

8) Tell your poor husband who is still recovering from either seeing your hoo-ha stretched to capacity or seeing your uterus outside of your body (shout to to my fellow c-sectioners!) that it's from stress and convince him you need a day at the spa!

9) Just keep letting it clog the drain and keep calling different plumbers for help. One of them has to be serious man candy, right? Now's the time to locate a hottie to call when your adorable little angel flushes your keys.

10) Make your own Muppets! Only a matter of time before Junior is OBSESSED with Elmo, so get a jump start on that. Especially if you're a redhead!

So, I hope next time you feel like weeping at the massive hunk of hair stuck in your scrunchie, you instead feel inspired!

Coming up next is 10 tattoos to go with your stretchmarks!

Emily Santanella:

Married stay at home Mom to two surprises and one planned child (who is ironically the most challenging one). Prides herself on being a fun mom, and hopes her exceptional cooking and baking makes up for her husband's frequent lack of clean clothes.



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