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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Slice of Life: Favorite Hats

So, as we were moving, I came across my old fedora that I'd bought in San Diego in 2007 one day when I was feeling sassy. It's rad, but I never wear it anymore because at 30 years old, being a stay at home mom to twins, I'm decidedly not sassy these days.

Still, I threw it on for old times' sake, and finished the rest of my packing in said fedora. I also posted it to Facebook, obviously, and this week's slice of life was born. We've got caps, hard hats, fezzes and more here! Everyone loves a good hat.

Alison Beaton's Christmas hat is her favorite. It got her out of a traffic ticket once!

Andrea Wagner wears her favorite cap running, which is what she's doing here.

Cassandra Gill's favorite hat needs no explanation.

Jackie Monck just bought this hat!

Jennifer Kappert only wears hats when she goes to high tea.
Katy Pika calls this her Elvish Batman Crown. She also swears she doesn't have feelings for her PikaChu doll.

MaryAnne Vivandiere loves this 18th-century straw, silk-covered hat, but needs a hatpin!

Moira Parker says, "who needs a hat when you have cool green hair?"
The only hat Russell Wait owns. (He's not actually a milk crate.)
What makes Sascha Fernandez cool is that she wears this hat (and Justin wears that fez) doing household chores. Just because they can.
Tobi Wolf's husband wouldn't let her buy her favorite hat. Shame because, damn, it's rad.

Alison Gayton - hunter, warrior, raccoon.

Ashley Rae Taylor is a Notre Dame fan.

Cheryl Russel doesn't let living in Florida cramp her romantic-comedy-lead-role hat in the winter time. Doesn't she look great? Love her.

Janel Copeland owns a tophat. That is all.

That is not a bowl. Look. Jepeczenka Svadakovic is wearing a hardhat.
Kimberly Wright's favorite hat. For obvious reasons. Congratulations, girl.

The hat that started it all. My 2007, San Diego fedora.

Grad number two, Patricia Frederickson. (Please, God, let me have spelled her name right.)
Ang and Samantha Murch win for cutest hat picture...ever.

Tanya Noreen submitted two.
I had to post both. They're that good.

Alixandra Hainkel is punk as fuck.
Kid spotting! Cade Russell prefers R2-Mickey. I think.
Another awesome hat worn but not bought. Debby Van Vrankel should have nabbed this one for sure.
Justina Ackeral and friends - protected from the sun and somewhere I want to be.

These hats helped Lisa Cuellar win a Halloween costume party contest.
Melanie Greeke just hanging out in her amazing hat.
The only hat Raeven Zayas owns, though I don't know why! Her grandma has a bunch she wants to send her!
Most coveted hat in the bunch. It's extra special because Sara Ess knitted it herself!

Alli Ginsburg used her hat to conquer Israel!

Caitie George in pink. Go Red Sox!

Kat Walter, ever classy and chic.

Emilie McKiernan Blanton and her son sport pink and blue hats at the beach!

Liz Hawksworth lives in Canada. Obviously.

Melissa Braidich's hat puts me right back in my hometown.  It's her favorite tailgating hat. Love it.

Raina Sadi sports her husband's hat.

Saraline Grenier and her son Elliot. Late to the party but ever loved!

And Tiffany Hunter's hat makes me want to go to the Del Mar horse races, which puts us right back where we started in this post. San Diego. Nice.

And there's this week's slice of life. Hat-style.


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