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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Moment of the Week - 147: Running Away to the Circus

I am lucky enough to have a fabulous writer friend who owns a circus in real life. No, really. This is true.

I know, right? And not only does she own a circus, eat fire and fly on silks and hoops as an amazing acrobat, she also beat me in a writing contest! I couldn't ask for a cooler friend, is what I'm saying. And that said, yesterday she let my kids play on her equipment.

What? Luckiest kids ever is what.

They had the best time. We went to a show her camp (called Starfish Circus, check them out) put on. 55 kids learned basic tricks in five days and put on a show! The girls loooooooved it. They were enthralled. I hope she makes her way up to my town so I can sign the girls up for it, for real.

Allison also performs around the United States with her adult flyers, called Aerial Angels. They put on workshops and teach private lessons, too. Seriously, look them up!


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