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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Mom - Guest Post

Celebrate those women who gave us life, raised us and helped us become the people we are today. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to moms, however, so here’s a handy list of Mother's Day gift ideas based on your particular maternal situation.

Spa Package

Single moms rarely get a second to themselves, let alone an entire hour or two for pampering and relaxation. Help them find the time they need with a spa package for a local day spa. provides resources whether you’re looking to spend big on a trip for mom, or small on a massage or other service nearby. If traveling with her sounds like your cup of tea, you can even book a trip for two.
Photo of a day spa by ppacificvancouver via Flickr


Since the dawn of time, flowers have spelled out affection, romance and love. Married moms often succumb to the demands of work, children and the household, with little time left over to — well, stop and smell the roses. If you are a child or husband of a busy family mother, flowers are the best way to let her know she is remembered and that all the magic hasn’t fled her life. Consider Mother's Day flowers at, a responsive site with a wide variety of arrangement choices, then shop by color, price or flower to find the perfect match for your mom.
Photo of tulips by photosteve101 via Flickr


There’s no gift more powerful than a willingness to carry your baby if you cannot do so yourself. Surrogate moms provide a service that cannot be paid back, but at least you can do something wonderful for them on Mother’s Day. Since your surrogate has made your dreams come true, consider helping her with hers. The Lonely Planet has wonderful guide books to almost every country on Earth, complete with a range of places to stay, eat and tour based on the price of the traveler. If your surrogate mom needs a new experience after giving the baby back, this could be just the ticket — no pun intended.
Lonely Planet guidebook
Photo of a Lonely Planet Guidebook by Jaymis via Flickr

Gift Certificate to ModCloth

New moms have entered a whole new world, rife with sleeplessness, anxiety and changes in their relationship with their baby, partner and the people around them. More than anything, though, they are dealing with changes in their bodies. Give a new mom some pleasure with a gift card from a fun site like, where she can choose something that fits her new size and makes her feel pretty.
If you’re feeling generous, accompany it with a gift certificate to a nice restaurant where she can sport her new dress.
Gift card stand
Photo of a gift card stand by 401(K)2013 via Flickr

Netflix Subscription

Empty-nesters were once people too! Even though a mother’s life is largely devoted to her children while they are at-home, when the kids leave, she’ll finally have time to do a few things for herself. That could include taking up a hobby, attending a class at the university or catching up on a show she really loves. If the empty-nest mommy in your life is really into a new program or has a soft spot for one of the old classics (think “Bewitched” or “Gilligan’s Island”), get her a Netflix subscription so she can indulge her passion. If she has time between all the great new programming in her life, she’ll thank you for it.
Netflix envelope
Photo of a Netflix envelope by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar via Flickr


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