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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This Mother's Day Give the Gift of Experience

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and while I'm sure I'll gobble up whatever it is my little darlings made for me in preschool (something scandalous involving nail polish...they won't tell me anything more!), I have to think of my own mother as well.

Thankfully, I think I've figured out a gift that will take care of both of us in one fell swoop. Maybe the idea will help you, too.

This Mother's Day, why not give your mother the gift of being a mother all over again!

Really, it's brilliant if you think about it. Don't we all want the gift of making up for lost time, of second chances, or simply of reliving the memories we hold so dear?

And when was the last time your mother got to truly experience motherhood and all its joys for an extended period? Reading stories, playing dress-up, painting and making cakes and pudding? She's always going on about what a magical era it was.

It's been far too long since she found herself on her hands and knees looking for a lovey to the dulcet tones of intense shrieking.

She hasn't been able to experience the joy of being asked the same question 19 times in a row in years!

And how long has it been since she squatted uncomfortably on a bathroom floor, singing songs and making up stories while a little one tried valiantly to push out a stubborn number two?

Speaking of that, can she even remember the last time she got to use the facilities in front of an audience? Sometimes you need a cheering section! Give her that gift.

Your mom is probably aching for someone to go shopping with who will pull all the grocery items off the shelves then ask for a balloon like she's been nothing but well-mannered and deserving the whole time.

You just can't get the same experience over the phone or in a short visit.

Imagine the light in your mother's eyes as your cherubs open her refrigerator and accidentally spill an entire gallon of milk all over the floor! And, of course, it wouldn't be complete unless they left the door open and ruined the meat she was going to make for dinner.

Clearly, your mother's life is lacking. But you can help!

This Mother's Day, why don't you drop your children off at her house for an entire week of super-happy-fun-playtime with Grandma? You won't regret it (but she might.)

Plus, it will get her back for all those times she laughed at you for your kids being just like you.

Okay, so maybe that's not what my mom wants for Mother's Day. Maybe it's actually what I want. But I'm a mom, too! Maybe, if I just work on the presentation a bit, I can get her to go along with it...

Happy Mother's Day. To you, to your moms, and to everyone.

And if you want some real ideas for cheap yet satisfying Mother's Day gifts, head over to Nerd Wallet. There's a whole slew over there!


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