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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Is All About the Trends - Guest Post

Kimberly Wright, owner of a new and awesome blog, No Progress without Pain, has written a great post for me about how to keep on keeping on.


In my house we have some motivational sayings. Some are less eloquent than others. We have a daughter with special circumstances and we have a rule never to let her say she can’t do something. We have taken an even harder approach to our own endeavors. Though some of those ‘motivational sayings’ aren’t really parenting blog appropriate.

We all get down, it’s human nature to get down about things, but I feel like sometimes my family falls into ruts harder than others. I know I personally do and I need to remind myself multiple times a day that it’s not about each up and down it’s about the overall trend.

For the last 6 months I’ve been training and following a very strict diet that my doctor placed me on due to some out of control blood work. I fall into a rut because I want all the results of these workouts and diets immediately. It is the American way after all. That’s obviously not the way it works, it’s a painfully slow hard process of changing my lifestyle and recognizing what makes me feel better and what makes me feel like a walking talking mombie (mom-zombie).

If you just look at one week it might look bad. I can “gain” 8-10 pounds seemingly overnight, but it’s not really a gain. If I look at the trends though since last fall it’s a nice sloping downward hill line showing how much all my hard work is paying off and becoming hard-earned progress.

I forget almost daily to focus on the trends and not on the day-to-day good or bad.

It’s an excellent rule to remember not only for weight loss and health but also for all aspects of life. Is today just unrealistically horrible? Did your kid cut the back of her jeans and then sit on the corner screaming for a new mother (true freaking story). That’s ok, because there will be a good days that will even out that trend and make you forget (ok maybe not forget, maybe jut accept) that bad day.



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