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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Moment of the Week - 135: Happy Easter!

Well, it started off ominous. An accidental headbutt from Dulce that was meant as a hug certainly woke my husband up with a bang. Then Lilly decided to tantrum over finding the eggs. She wanted to take a bath first. What is my life? But we straightened it out (and I gave the golden egg to Dulce for not being a total turd, and also because I'm cruel) but then, miracle of miracles, they worked it out!

Dulce decided that since she'd found the egg, Lilly could eat the candy inside it. Great solution! They're coming along nicely, eh?

Here are some pictures of our laid-back Easter.

Happy Easter!



  1. Your girls are adorable! Love the pics!

    Happy Easter!

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