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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween was incredibly busy around here! Here's a picture guide!

Last night, we went trick or treating around the neighborhood with our neighbors and good friends, like we've done for the past three years now! It was great! My kids even picked an apple (from my friend's house at the end of the night), instead of a goodnight candy.

Knocking on doors like bosses, yo.

Before that, it was Boo at the Zoo! Which was phenomenal!

The kids loved the princesses. This was the second time they saw Rapunzel, and oh my God, they won't move from her when they see her. They are insta-best-buddies for life.

You see here that Dulce is more impressed with princesses than Lilly.

Anyway, the spectacle was awesome, except for the ridiculously scary witch, werewolf and grim reaper who had my kids in tears. A little warning next time, guys, that's all. Maybe an alternate route for the kids who insist that stuff is real.

Before that, they had a "festival" at preschool, and everyone went in their costumes.

  My favorite picture is this one. Laura will love it, too.

I kept trying to get shots of my kids...but kept missing them. Here's a wicked cute girl who doesn't belong to me, though.

And over the weekend, we did trunk or treat at a local church with a pumpkin patch. This was the only time my girls let me do their costumes in full, and, boy, I missed the pigtails yesterday.

I can't explain to you how much they freaked out over this Rapunzel. It was like Christmas on Halloween. They pretty much died, and it was all they could talk about for days. Forget trick or treating...they met Rapunzel.

Happy Halloween!


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  1. I can't pick a favorite photo, they are all so cute. But the one of your girl stroking Rapunzel's hair is a close winner.



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