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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Post - Electronic Addiction

Today I have a guest post about protecting kids from electronic addiction. We don't yet have to ward against this problem, since the girls don't have access to any electronics yet. But I'm sure they will, and sooner rather than later.


Some people are not as fully aware of the problem as others. Some are adults fully immersed in an electronic addiction of their own, with iPods and smart phones. Many think that with society in the age of electronic media, it may be better to allow kids to acclimate to an electronic, internet driven society. Like most addictions, however, electronic addiction sneaks up on you. Symptoms are similar to any psychological addiction. They include lack of socialization, lack of a desire to take care of your own needs, and of course huge amounts of time in front of the video screen.

Society Has Changed and There is no Going Back

"I can't ask anyone for a phone number anymore and actually get it," says Bill of Sy's Plumbing. "No one remembers them anymore." That is just one telling sign of the times. Add that to the diminishing size of the yellow pages, the lost art of using a map book, and of course the rarity of seeing a phone booth. All signs of what we are losing to our mobile electronic society. Replaced by search engine mobile apps, push button GPS and, of course, your cell phone. These are all improvements and our society will be better for them. But along for the ride came all of the life consuming video games, Facebook, and You-tube programs that everyone has taken to, yet many are slow to see the full impact.

The Free Babysitter Comes With a Steeper Price Than Money

Hopefully, you are now a little concerned with the time kids spend in front of the TV and video games. You should also be worried about what they see and how they interact online with others. Today's game systems allow kids to get together online and play games together. Kids are often conversing with people from across the country, or the world, people that they will never really know or meet. On any given day, your child can be exposed to language you would never allow in your home from a regular person. Kids are learning that they can say almost anything without repercussion, whereas in person, there would be consequences.

Steps to Take to Get Your Kids Away From the Video Screen

For the most part, anything you do to limit your child's time in front of a screen is a good thing. Life is fun without electronics; so help yourself in your battle by finding fun replacement activities. Point out what your kids are deficient in by spending to much time in front of a screen. As a parent already knows, be patient.You are going to get resistance.

BIO: This article is written by a team of authors at HappyHealth.Net. Protect your families by investing in a home security system today.

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  1. I have noticed electronic addictions lately everywhere, but the closest experience I have is with my husband . I try and regulate it at certian times because it's become rediculous . My daughter who isn't even two tells me about facebook. I am writing a paper on a social problem, and I have chosen Electronic Addiction . I found your article helpful, and will certianlt take the necessary precautions to ensure tho WHOLE family isn't suck in by gadget screens .



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