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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Preschool Pointers - 5: Cycle the Toys


Over the past however many years you've acquired a metric ton of children's toys, more than half of which your kids don't even touch.


Periodically go through these items and quietly discard / give away toys that are no longer age appropriate. During these times (usually nap or school time) put half of the stuff you have in storage. Don't say anything about it, just do it. If they ask for a specific toy, go get it for them, but you'll be amazed at how rarely that happens. Then, the next time you go through the stuff, switch the toys out. No fanfare. Just put some of the stored toys in with the toys that are out, and put some of the toys that are out in storage. It's like Christmas! Suddenly, toys your kids never would have deigned to play with are new again, and so, so cool. This gets maximum use out of all the objects in your home.



  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. This will really help parents especially in saving money. Keep posting!

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