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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ten Things You Should Know About Editors

Wrote about the inner workings of the book business over on the writing blog today...

I'm an editor first and a writer second. Having spent the better part of three years editing manuscripts has made me a better writer for my genre. Not because I'm smarter or better prepared word for word, but because I understand the role of the person on the other end of my manuscript. I know, without a doubt, that what I thought I wrote is probably not what I actually wrote. Therefore, if I'm going to argue with my editor, I'm going to be damn sure I'm right.

I thought authors and writers might benefit from knowing a bit about the red pen on the other end of the internet.

Ten Things You Should Know About Editors:

10) They get paid nothing. Seriously. A full-time editor for a smallish shop couldn't afford a Starbucks habit with what she makes per manuscript. They don't do this for the money. They do it for you. You're the one getting paid for your good work. They're trying to make you more money while getting very little themselves.



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